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Bronze Oil Pump Drive Gears - Only $98

Bronze Oil Pump Drive Gears for Harley Davidson Sportster and Buell Models

Sportster and Buell engines are notorious for wearing the oil pump drive gear on the pinion shaft. Pinion shaft runout causes this. HAMMER PERFORMANCE has the solution, though, a bronze oil pump drive gear that greatly reduces wear in this critical area. Check your stock drive gear; if the teeth are getting sharp on one side, it's time to get one of these. If you're into the cam box anyway for a cam change, it's cheap insurance.

Bronze Oil Pump Drive Gear - $98
Fits 1988-Present Sportster and Buell

Oil Pump - Only $168.08

Sportster 2007+ Oil Pump

HAMMER PERFORMANCE has available the latest 2007+ style oil pumps for XL's and Buells. These pumps feature the largest scavenge sections ever offered in XL oil pumps to help combat wet sumping. The pressure section is smaller than previous designs, however, more efficient porting and gerotor designs created no loss of pressure side capaciity.

OEM type oil pump
2007+ high scavenge capacity style

Oil and Filters

Oil And Filters

HAMMER PERFORMANCE has oil and filters available at competitive prices.

OEM Type Oil and Filters

Assembly Lube

Assembly Lube

HAMMER PERFORMANCE has Red Line Assembly Lube in two sizes, 4oz and 16oz.

Red Line Assembly Lube

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